Nylon and Polyester Monofilament Yarns;

This yarn is obtained the raw materials Polyamid 6 - 6.6 and Polyester Polymers and produced by a variety users needs.It is mainly addressed to those articles, which require a good resistance to temperaturea together with an excellent dimensional stability during the finishing phases.

 Uses of Monofilament Yarns;

  • Sewing Thread Manufacturers

  • Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

  • Seat Belt Manufacturers

  • Narrow woven Manufacturers

  • Manufacturers of fishing nets

  • Safety nets manufacturers

  • Filter manufacturers

  • Industrial cleaning cloths manufacturers

  • General Rubber Product Manufacturers

  • Agriculture Textiles manufacturers

  • Manufacturers of technical textiles for the automotive industry

  • Sailing and parachute cloth manufacturers

  • Manufacturers of heavy fabric with Endütriyel

  • Industrial brush and vacuum cleaner manufacturers

  • Velcro manufacturers

  • Edge stitch floss users

  • Special technical fabric manufacturers

  • High heat-resistant insulation materials, manufacturers of fire and

  • Carpeting

  • Greenhouse and fruit growing

  • Agriculture

  • Monofilament Yarn

    Monofilament Yarn